El-Zakzaky Returning To Nigeria From India – IMN

El-Zakzaky Returning To Nigeria From India – IMN

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) has said that its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky, will return to Nigeria on Friday because of the refusal of the government and the India hospital to allow his doctors take part in his treatment.

The Spokesman of the sect, Ibrahim Musa, disclosed this in an interview on Thursday in Kaduna.

Musa said the government and the Indian hospital management refused to allow El Zakzaky’s doctors to be part of the team of doctors to treat him.

”We are expecting the Sheikh tomorrow (Friday) in Nigeria. The Sheikh insisted that the doctors who had already examined him before should be allowed to have a say in his treatment.

”Initially they agreed that his doctors should be part of the team and observe the treatment.

But they later refused and the Sheikh said since they will not allow the doctors to observe the treatment, it is better he returns home.

“The doctors are not working in the hospital, but the Sheikh has the right to ensure that his doctors are part of the team to treat him.

”They initially agreed, but the government and the hospital management refused.”

Musa said, “If the sheikh comes back, we are going to look for an alternative country to go. Like the sheikh said, we will choose to go to Malaysia, Turkey or Indonesia.”

It is however unclear how his return to Nigeria will be possible without the consent of the Nigerian government since his traveling documents are in the hands of Nigerian officials that accompanied him to India.

El Zakzaky had complained in an audio recording that went viral on Wednesday that he was denied access to his personal doctors in India and that security around him was tighter than when he was in Nigeria.

The spokesman of IMN had later claimed on Wednesday that the issues raised by the Shiite leader in the audio recording had been resolved “for now.”

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday in Kaduna, Musa had also revealed that El Zakzaky’s medical trip to India was arranged by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Also, IHRC had stated in a statement on its website on Wednesday that: “Sheikh El-Zakzaky and Mallimah Zeenah have been given access to their medical team.

They are still restricted to the hospital premises, but there are negotiations going on to resolve this situation. Everyone’s swift action this morning is deeply appreciated.”